Sensory Escape: Harmony of Mind, Body and Soul".


Soothe your mind and free your thoughts.


Nourish and relax your body with the therapeutic touch of massage and the soothing heat of the sauna.


Harmonize your soul for inner serenity

Discover our exclusive wellness package, an invitation to an unforgettable sensory journey. The experience begins with an infrared sauna session, combined with the subtle art of chromotherapy. Immerse yourself in a world of soothing colors, where each hue melts into the comforting warmth to balance your mood, stimulate your circulation and deeply relax your muscles.

After this warm, colorful immersion, let yourself be enchanted by the intoxicating aromas and therapeutic virtues of Bach flowers during a delicate, personalized massage. Our holistic care experts use carefully selected flower essences to align your energies, release tension and revitalize your spirit.

This unique experience, designed to harmonize mind, body and soul, will transport you into a state of total serenity. Leave the stress of everyday life behind and emerge from this getaway with a feeling of renewal and absolute well-being.

Join us for a beautiful escape into the heart of well-being, where luxury, serenity and balance meet for an unrivalled experience.

Relax alone or as a couple with our Signature treatment.



90 2 hours


170 2 hours

Enjoy the benefits of an infrared sauna session

What makes an infrared sauna session different?

The infrared sauna represents a revolution in the world of wellness, offering a unique and beneficial experience. Unlike traditional saunas, which heat the ambient air, infrared saunas use special panels or lamps to emit infrared rays, heating the body directly. This deep heating of muscle tissue provides intense relaxation and improves blood circulation.

One of the most notable advantages of the infrared sauna is its ability to induce deep sweating at lower temperatures than conventional saunas. This feature makes an infrared sauna session particularly attractive for those who find high temperatures uncomfortable, allowing for longer, more comfortable use.

Infrared saunas are renowned for their effectiveness in detoxifying the body. Infrared rays penetrate the skin, promoting the release of toxins, including heavy metals, through perspiration. They are also credited with relieving various muscular and joint pains, reducing stress and fatigue, improving skin health by stimulating collagen, and promoting better quality sleep.

Sauna and chromotherapy

The combination of sauna and chromotherapy creates a holistic wellness experience, blending the benefits of heat with those of color therapy.

This synergy offers several benefits:

The benefits of synergy infrared sauna session with chromotherapy chromotherapy

Chromotherapy uses specific colors to influence emotional states. Combined with the relaxing heat of the sauna, it helps reduce stress and promotes a state of mental calm.

Sauna heat increases blood circulation, and the use of colors like red can intensify this effect, stimulating energy and circulation.

The combination of heat and soothing colors such as blue or green can relieve tense muscles and muscle pain.

Saunas encourage the elimination of toxins, and the use of colors like green can reinforce this detoxification, promoting a feeling of purification.

Heat opens pores and improves skin elasticity, while certain chromotherapy colors, such as yellow, stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Sauna helps increase white blood cell production, while colors like orange in chromotherapy invigorate the body and stimulate natural defenses.

Sauna sessions can improve sleep quality thanks to the deep relaxation effect they provide, and soothing colors like blue can complement this effect.

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