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Xavier Pedan Kinesiology

Stress, tension, lack of concentration, relationship or professional difficulties, lack of sleep… The body often emits messages about the mental and physical state without the person being able to admit or analyze them.

What if it’s simply time to ponder about yourself and release tension?

Xavier Pédan


adult kinesiology

Stress, tension, lack of concentration, relational or professional difficulties, lack of sleep… The body often emits messages about the mental and physical state without the person being able to admit or analyze them. Drug treatments are insufficient or even ineffective or useless.What if it was simply time to question yourself and release tension?

Duration: 01:30

Price: 65 €

Kinesiology for children

For learning difficulties, behavioural issues, anxiety, development delays, bedwetting. Kinesiology is a gentle, safe, non-invasive and effective therapy for children and teenagers.

Duration: 01:00

Price: 50 €

What is kinesiology?

Initiated in the 60s by American chiropractors, enriched by the Chinese vision of energy and the discoveries of neuroscience, kinesiology is a global human approach. It aims to guide everyone towards a better balance on the mental, emotional, physical and energetic levels.

When should you consult a kinesiologist?

The discipline covers wide areas of application: professional, family, personal, sports, educational, etc… It is therefore possible to consult a kinesiologist when you want to improve your physical and sports performance, balance your relationship capacities, restore your balance, to allow children and adolescents to express their potential. Or even to face the shocks of life. Basically, to get to know yourself better in order to move forward in life.

Who is this method for?

It is useful at any age and is directed at children as well as adults and seniors. More specifically, to people who are aware of certain difficulties or inappropriate behaviors that prevent their peace of mind. This gentle method is respectful of each individual person’s developmental pace.

What will a session be used for?

The objective of a kinesiology session is to help the consultant to better adapt to the reality that surrounds him. How? By helping them to identify the causes of conflicts and inner discomfort, a source of physical and/or psychological tension and undesired behavior, then releasing the weight of the associated emotional burdens through appropriate balancing.


What happens during a consultation ?

A session lasts around 60 to 75 minutes on average. The kinesiologist uses a basic tool which is the muscle test. It is a gentle pressure, most often exerted on a muscle in the arm, which indicates the presence or absence of stress related to the objective that has been determined. This allows the person to participate fully through conscious self-observation of what is happening within them, thus leading them to become actors of their own change.

Does kinesiology have limits?

It is neither medicine nor therapy. Therefore, a kinesiologist will never promise the cure to a certain symptom or disease. It can be seen more as an educational and preventive health approach as defined by the World Health Organization in the Ottawa Charter (1986). “A complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. The state of health is therefore not limited to the simple silence of our organs. It is complementary to a medical or paramedical intervention.

Is it covered by social insurance?

Kinesiology is not reimbursed by the mandatory health insurance scheme because it is not conventional medicine. However, more and more mutual insurance companies are including this specialty in their so-called “prevention” or “alternative medicine” reimbursement packages.

Xavier Pedan Kinesiology

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